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V4 Unconscious Pose Pack 3 Now Available by Torqual3D

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Daughter of Hermes by NightsongWS

This render is a great example how 3D applications can create detailed artworks. Although the concept is rather widely used, the pictur...

Game concept artwork - 2D easy puzzle game - A by Shockbolt

What a fresh and quaint concept art! The three rooms are created in a cartoony, yet very life-like style that catches your eye instantl...

Game concept artwork - 2D easy puzzle game - B by Shockbolt

What a fresh and quaint concept art! The three rooms are created in a cartoony, yet very life-like style that catches your eye instantl...

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The winter winds have blown
the lost child of the mountains,
the one with reversed sword
as well as troubled heart.
To leave one settled path
and step onto another
requires your soul's good balance.
No one returns unchanged.
~ Keeper Annals*

(*regarding Merem and Jurre's "sticky situation")

Fare Thee Well by Gnewi

The view was breathtaking. High, proud mountain ranges were pointing up into the sky. Clearly visible from the rocky outpost the young pale woman chose, the silent sign of gods' presence. It was the place. The place she longed for - silent, solitary and untouched by both humans and her kin. The chilling cold didn't ward her off. The woman, despite her delicate appearance, almost snow white hair flowing around her shoulders like a morning mist and bright blue eyes, was strong. The harsh life hardened her. She hoped to leave the cruel memories of what had happened in her mountain kingdom of Ebeer. Men cannot be trusted. They arrive, melt you inside and leave like a deadly arrow. This would never fade in her memory, no matter how hard she would try.

She intended to live on, but how can one do so if your heart was torn apart? She could not bear this any longer. The chieftain or not, she could neither stay in the Ebeer Mountains or leave for Central Debas. Not after what had happened. A mourning lily, a sign of grief, was properly placed between her head and her right ear. Her best clothes - meant to be a bridal gown, turned out to be fitting for a funeral of a queen - made of dark wool, laid on her her finely. The hair was cut as a sign of grief.

Old Merem was dead.

She could not do otherwise. Her father Rison's life would not last forever. She was meant to rule her people and she would do so no matter how badly he had hurt her. The decision of leaving for the untamed mountain ranges the Southerners called Furaha Ya Moyo wasn't easy, but well-timed. Her father was still strong enough to wait for her, whereas conflicts between humans and Jurre's kin were causing more and more victims. This made her mind: she would travel to the Furaha Ya Moyo, find a proper place to live and lead her tribe there. A new land. A new reality. A new beginning.

And let the fluffy animal she saw there, high up the Furaha Ya Moyo, be her royal sign. The bright, dreamy eyes, shadows cast by long, feminine eyelashes. The llamas enchanted her. So graceful, so agile, so proud... The real virgin rulers of this extreme land. Would they ever become domesticated?

She had all the new life to see so.

So, basically, Merem's got a new kingdom on her own and needs some pets to caress and help her. I set up royal stables for her and managed to domesticate the animals. Would you like to help us and interbreed?

How to do so, one may ask?

It's simple. Write a request for a llama. If you ask kindly and didn't receive one from me before, you'll be given it in no time (no time means once I get your message, so don't fret and wait patiently). You don't have to watch me. You don't have to favourite this journal entry. You don't have to give me one (thought you should do so with Merem and her creator, Gnewi). You don't have to carry on with features, points, cakes or whatever. Just ask kindly.

However, any mean of appreciation of Merem, who is not mine, but Gnewi's, sent to her account are greatly appreciated! Also, check the journal entry regarding featured deviants and give them some attention they truly deserve please. Thanks and fret not if your llama spits on you! It shows it loves you! :mwahaha: :giggle:

PS I made it a donation pool, because not having a PM makes it impossible to install "Custom Box" widget. 77 is just a symbolic number to let you know my llama stables are unlimited and need new blood!

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Wonder, wonder, little fly...
Welcome to this den of visualised horror, also known as my DeviantArt account.

Most of deviants use their galleries to share their works, make profit from their art, provoke, amaze, etc. I am a troubling exception. It may sound weird, writing it just in front of your account. Most of people want the others to rate and comment their hard work. Yet, "what we call normality is only a circle of light around the fireplace", as Terry Pratchett said.

First of all, I'm too busy and lazy to upload my hand-drawn sketches (not to mention I'm not a sadist to lure anybody to look at them). Being a translator, I spend most of my time between ready commissions, works-in-progress and appropriate literature. Anyway, after a day of work, I like to relax by either reading, making custom jewellery (mostly different mokume gane techniques), writing scraps of horror and macabre that are too painful to show the others or drawing. Some time ago, I learned about photomanipulations, mixed media and so on. And then realised that I've done this before. As a translator on an international website, Slavonic Corner's moderator and map designer, I make awards for contests from time to time. Those are wallpapers (the most easy mean of prize to carry around as it's an international website) and avatars. After reading about photomanipulations, I thought that I could try my luck at this. It's quite similar, after all, to what I've done before. I also reasoned that I can make some wallpapers for my friends and myself to use and my DeviantArt account, previously used for aesthetic purposes only, might be useful as an online disc. Therefore, my gallery's fate was sealed.

To be honest, I really honour all real artists - stock providers and their users. I don't think of my works you can find in my gallery as of works of art - of any value. Coming up with a concept and putting other people's stocks together doesn't make the outcome an art. But I enjoy what I do and hope it won't irritate anybody. Anyway, you were warned.

Above all, I would like to thank and congratulate all the people for sharing stock I used, use or will use. You are truly talented!

Best regards,


PS My rules can be found here. Don't ask me about the ridiculous war between my tag line and Stinky. I still lack an avatar. Stinky has only accidentally popped in and rejects any requests to move himself out.

EDIT: Our favourite magician VisAnastasis persuaded Stinky to move out! And look how wondrously my brand new avatar she gave me (I mean VisAnastasis, not Stinky) looks!

Stinky made the deal: he resides within devID.
Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

I still think I got a bargain.

Just think ho gorgeous the new avatar is!!!

I'm not sure I should trust Stinky - it's Stinky after all - but I cannot resist the opportunity to wear this little miracle, at least for a time!

SR Fan Stamp by Keeper-Anakara
Evening there.

Life never slows down; it is only capable of gaining more speed. This is what is happening right now. Phew (note to self: Sera will always phew better than you, so don't even bother). Therefore before I lose control, here comes a list of stuff I am currently taking care of. That is, the one that skips things I can't forget about.

- ZRS and ZDF will never work together, period. This is the Word of God from Cmessaz. She kindly helped me figure this out before I ruined my game. Basically they alter the same files and making them compatible would require way too much work, which, with Cmessaz losing her workstation, is not possible. My solution? Run ZRS on a virtual machine. All in all I settled for ZDF as it's compatible with other mods I needed and/or wanted. Namely ZevRing, MRP... and SER GILMORE.
- Yes. I finally got round getting Rory. And I must admit that skipping a few tiny spelling problems, I am impressed. Especially by banter. Immortality painstakingly cut out vanilla lines from companions (even from Shale!) and glued them together with Rory's custom-recorded lines. The results are really nice. I only got Sten's, Morrigan's, Alistair's and Leliana's so far (OK, Shartan's too, but they REALLY don't like each other, so with the relative ease with which one can create new lines for a dog, it's not that amazing in comparison to the humanoid companions), but colour me impressed. Is the fact I keep running "runscript gbanter" all the time (because the bridge in Lothering doesn't work with Rory) that odd? I guess not.
- Rory is a bit of a pompous fool, but a clearly good guy all around and I made a vow to take him to every location I get. Perhaps even the Anvil of the Void (although here, I always just take Morrigan, Zev and Oghren, with Shartan, naturally - for the lulz of getting Morgue high on those lyrium veins). In order to unlock all possible conversations, that's it. He has area-triggered unlockable dialogues, quite like Sten and Zev, so it is somewhat compulsory to tag along with him. It is a bit tactics-blind in my case since I rely on critical hits and stealth attacks rather than tanking, but okay, let those ogres hack at Rory (when it comes to his build, he's basically a duplicate of Alistair, a sword-and-shield warrior with most points dumped into STR and CON) while the rest of the party carries out the subtler tasks.
- How he addresses Mess per "my lady" never ceases to make me burst into frantic laughter. It is actually slightly embarrassing. Last talk they had? Rory graciously sharing his insight on her fighting style. Considering she either sneaks or enters combat frog mod, I can understand his disapproval. Still, it was funny. That he accosted her to talk about this JUST WHEN WE WERE SUPPOSED TO DO SOME ARSE-KICKING FOR BLACKSTONE IRREGULARS was most certainly not.
- I found a curious mod that lets you do various amusing things to some of the most annoying NPCs from Carroll through Isolde and who knows who else. I only tried the Carroll trick. I refuse to speak of the idea per se, but the animation was almost flawless.
- Slap Morrigan still does not have a Mac Tir edition. Pity.
- I want to praise one Morrigan morph mod that keeps resemblance to her DAI self. Combine it with a certain modded staff that glows an eerie blue all the time and she absolutely rocks. As a self-conscious mod hog, I also grabbed a version of her basic robes, just with more, akhem, covering, so that Alistair and the other guys can be more effective (read: focused) in battle. Just so she can wear them longer. Normally I get something better for her soon enough and they trade with Wynne, now, I won't have the usual headscratcher of Morrigan parading about in Chantry-designed robes with the traditional sunburst, oh well :lol:.
- I would like to give a hearty shout-out to jancola - if you do not know her Anora stories, by all means go ahead and read them. Like, right now. I am a picky reader and take great pride in constructive criticism, but
"The Romantic Adventures of Florian Phineas", "L'Affaire Se Corse", but topmost "Love and Levirate" and "Pride and Parity" are really little gems of literature. Fanfiction is not inferior. It sometimes spawns real talents, and Jessica is a prime example of the treasured 10% of Sturgeon's Law. She really knows how to portray Alistair and Anora. I absolutely adore her queen. There is a particular line I wanted to show you, from "Pride and Parity", which truly brightened up my day after dealing with a particularly nasty chapter (and a separate oneshot in its own right, AGAIN :rage:) of my work. "(...) When a man and a woman are consenting adults, in the proper circumstances, sometimes they decide that they would like to join together in a mutually beneficial arrangement. And then, after a while, babies happen" - this Anora explaining how children are conceived to Prince Gareth Theirin. Hilarity pure - and hilarity that shows her personality well.
- Leliana got an awful lot of mods specifically for her. Not LRS, because like ZRS, it is incompatible with ZDF, but I brought a whole load of equipment elements as well as a cute alteration of how Song of Valor works. Now (and if it works correctly, hehe), she is going to hum some of the DAI tavern songs.
- For testing for Anne, I rolled a new Brosca. I rarely play THAT cocky and, let's state it openly, peacockish characters, but it's to pair him up with Jasmine or Petras. Possibly Hilda, but I suppose I will leave her (and f!Silfranar) for Malcolm (who is the very opposite of Faren). I admit that, while my headcanon doesn't change, Faren is pleasant to work with, quite funny, and if I lacked ideas regarding what to do for the commission, I would let Mess recruit him and then put through the Joining after Vigil's Keep is ceded onto the Wardens. I suppose I COULD somehow sneak him there later, but this is something to ponder about at any time that's not now.
- What I like about Faren: he doesn't look bad for a DAO dwarf. I refuse to acknowledge that any cRPG other than Drakensang (and later DAI, for the sake of Dagna, Harding and that chick from "The Descent DLC" alone) manages to make them aesthetically-pleasing. Still, Faren turned out not bad at all, his looks fit his personality, and there is noticeable family resemblance to Rica, who is his berserk button and thus it seems like a nice touch to me. He is actually very protective of his family, probably the only thing he's serious about, but well... Even Mama Brosca isn't immune to his crazy factor.

Screenshot20160111142217083 by Arlesienne

Seriously. I made it a point of pride to pick every goofy line possible and use it. Senselessly: so I have screenies of Beraht the hopeful uncle, Leske eating his spleen after commenting on Rica, Jarvia being asked if she sleeps with Beraht and mild swearing to Duncan, to which said Duncan Greatly Approves (it is the last part when you are recruited). Oh well. I feel I am going retarded in this playthrough...
- I admit Dust Town is the nicest area of Orzammar. To me at least. I was initially very pleased with this screenshot. Now the longer I look at it, the more I cringe. Their positioning is really unfortunate.

Screenshot20160111145118192 by Arlesienne

- As promised, I cleaned my DAO playlist up. Sort of. It's still in development, but I actually took the time to glue the correct artist labels on them. And even did the same with songs for other headcanons. Some are pretty hilarious. Although I will never forgive the certain significant one who suggested some Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag" as an anthem for Taliesen Arainai. I really won't :rage:. My mind was a far nicer place before I was "blessed" with that YT link. Alas, poor Yorick.
- What's even more embarrassing... the lyrics are quite fitting. Now imagine me burrowing somewhere deep.
- Imagine Dragons will have a concert on the second of February. Too bad I cannot go. But if anyone is around Łódź that day, by all means see what they're going to play.
- Commission-wise, I managed to fight my way through First Shaper Czibor (geez, I hate the guy, no use hiding that) and now the party is SUPPOSED to get into Tapsters. Phew. Too bad I am facing the problem of too good documentation (screenies!) and wading through all of this (despite meticulously-arranged folders... and subfolders... and subfolders of subfolders...) is a pain.
- By now I know the Orzammar part will be much less quests (since we all know them to the point of nausea) and much more politics. Enter Natia, Bandelor and other people. Zerlinda is going to be a background star (why? Because this quest totally clicks with me, the intimidation option just saves the day, and, if that's too little... because I can), this I am certain of. Generally the pace changes as the party members mesh with each other. It becomes less a set of activities and more a streak of emotions. Throwing them at one another is just too much to resist for a weak-willed bastard like me, I'm afraid.
- I need to get Alistair drunk (really, don't ask). Technically it should not be that difficult. The place is literally overflowing with alcohol. It has Oghren, among other sources. But in fact having some experiences in the area would push believability higher. I believe Al gets drunk with dignity and becomes sleepy of everything else. Ideas welcome.
- Note to self: stop writing food porn. That thing is already too gastronomic in nature. Good thing, every recipe is actually self-tested (substitute beef for bronto steaks). Bad thing: most people here probably came for fluff... Well, they are going to be bitterly disappointed. I've already defiled some of the most treasured moments of the game, the way I spun them around...
- What's worse? A chapter that's totally out of order, chronology-wise, and a disgusting oneshot on its own, with mature filters skyrocketing through the roof (because => Taliesen). Next time some personal demon nudges me to write Tal's POV, some kind soul please smack me heartily. Special thanks to Nx3Fox for giving it a go (:glomp:). Expect some inane questions. As if you taking your time to see if there were any spelling errors (because I vehemently refused to look at it any longer) wasn't enough :blush:. It also has a really, really low title (which as some odd silver lining fits). And a whole load of Crow goons I spent like two hours on coming up with names for (whom I am going to kill off anyway - in my prose, when characters have names, they are totally up for turning into sitting ducks). If you need some eco-friendly, disposable assassins with Spanish accents, search no further. I happen to have a surplus I will happily share. They are looking for a good home... Okay, just another boss who's not Tal, but a good home sounds better.
- I will never look the same on a coconut :no:. Cue the previous point.
- And rejoice, Rosie the trollop gets a much longer role than expected! Fine, she was cut from T2, but who cares? She is still a fandom favourite just after Benny and Binky the burrick from T2X :boogie:. It's the same story as with the dwarf named Norton. They just spawn throughout my prose regardless of the universe. I am actually quite happy with Rosie. Her companion - not so much, but well. I'm deeply attached to Rosie, although she always pops up to aid the other characters. In FSB, she unconsciously saves Alistair. And NO, no romance based on this. She believes he uses a certain mod by Keldaryth, so that's kind of out of question :mwahaha:.

And for some random brilliant stuff, see what I found by accident (the artist is kankuro-san):

This Is Our Get-Along Shirt- Solas and Iron Bull by kankuro-san

And something by MoonEcho:

Fade Gone Wild by MoonEcho

And more heartwarming than funny, this time by Rainbowwbroker:

Family by Rainbowwbroker

Best regards,
Arlesienne - your personal madman

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