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V4 Unconscious Pose Pack 3 Now Available by Torqual3D

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Daughter of Hermes by NightsongWS

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Game concept artwork - 2D easy puzzle game - A by Shockbolt

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Game concept artwork - 2D easy puzzle game - B by Shockbolt

What a fresh and quaint concept art! The three rooms are created in a cartoony, yet very life-like style that catches your eye instantl...

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The winter winds have blown
the lost child of the mountains,
the one with reversed sword
as well as troubled heart.
To leave one settled path
and step onto another
requires your soul's good balance.
No one returns unchanged.
~ Keeper Annals*

(*regarding Merem and Jurre's "sticky situation")

Fare Thee Well by Gnewi

The view was breathtaking. High, proud mountain ranges were pointing up into the sky. Clearly visible from the rocky outpost the young pale woman chose, the silent sign of gods' presence. It was the place. The place she longed for - silent, solitary and untouched by both humans and her kin. The chilling cold didn't ward her off. The woman, despite her delicate appearance, almost snow white hair flowing around her shoulders like a morning mist and bright blue eyes, was strong. The harsh life hardened her. She hoped to leave the cruel memories of what had happened in her mountain kingdom of Ebeer. Men cannot be trusted. They arrive, melt you inside and leave like a deadly arrow. This would never fade in her memory, no matter how hard she would try.

She intended to live on, but how can one do so if your heart was torn apart? She could not bear this any longer. The chieftain or not, she could neither stay in the Ebeer Mountains or leave for Central Debas. Not after what had happened. A mourning lily, a sign of grief, was properly placed between her head and her right ear. Her best clothes - meant to be a bridal gown, turned out to be fitting for a funeral of a queen - made of dark wool, laid on her her finely. The hair was cut as a sign of grief.

Old Merem was dead.

She could not do otherwise. Her father Rison's life would not last forever. She was meant to rule her people and she would do so no matter how badly he had hurt her. The decision of leaving for the untamed mountain ranges the Southerners called Furaha Ya Moyo wasn't easy, but well-timed. Her father was still strong enough to wait for her, whereas conflicts between humans and Jurre's kin were causing more and more victims. This made her mind: she would travel to the Furaha Ya Moyo, find a proper place to live and lead her tribe there. A new land. A new reality. A new beginning.

And let the fluffy animal she saw there, high up the Furaha Ya Moyo, be her royal sign. The bright, dreamy eyes, shadows cast by long, feminine eyelashes. The llamas enchanted her. So graceful, so agile, so proud... The real virgin rulers of this extreme land. Would they ever become domesticated?

She had all the new life to see so.

So, basically, Merem's got a new kingdom on her own and needs some pets to caress and help her. I set up royal stables for her and managed to domesticate the animals. Would you like to help us and interbreed?

How to do so, one may ask?

It's simple. Write a request for a llama. If you ask kindly and didn't receive one from me before, you'll be given it in no time (no time means once I get your message, so don't fret and wait patiently). You don't have to watch me. You don't have to favourite this journal entry. You don't have to give me one (thought you should do so with Merem and her creator, Gnewi). You don't have to carry on with features, points, cakes or whatever. Just ask kindly.

However, any mean of appreciation of Merem, who is not mine, but Gnewi's, sent to her account are greatly appreciated! Also, check the journal entry regarding featured deviants and give them some attention they truly deserve please. Thanks and fret not if your llama spits on you! It shows it loves you! :mwahaha: :giggle:

PS I made it a donation pool, because not having a PM makes it impossible to install "Custom Box" widget. 77 is just a symbolic number to let you know my llama stables are unlimited and need new blood!

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Wonder, wonder, little fly...
Welcome to this den of visualised horror, also known as my DeviantArt account.

Most of deviants use their galleries to share their works, make profit from their art, provoke, amaze, etc. I am a troubling exception. It may sound weird, writing it just in front of your account. Most of people want the others to rate and comment their hard work. Yet, "what we call normality is only a circle of light around the fireplace", as Terry Pratchett said.

First of all, I'm too busy and lazy to upload my hand-drawn sketches (not to mention I'm not a sadist to lure anybody to look at them). Being a translator, I spend most of my time between ready commissions, works-in-progress and appropriate literature. Anyway, after a day of work, I like to relax by either reading, making custom jewellery (mostly different mokume gane techniques), writing scraps of horror and macabre that are too painful to show the others or drawing. Some time ago, I learned about photomanipulations, mixed media and so on. And then realised that I've done this before. As a translator on an international website, Slavonic Corner's moderator and map designer, I make awards for contests from time to time. Those are wallpapers (the most easy mean of prize to carry around as it's an international website) and avatars. After reading about photomanipulations, I thought that I could try my luck at this. It's quite similar, after all, to what I've done before. I also reasoned that I can make some wallpapers for my friends and myself to use and my DeviantArt account, previously used for aesthetic purposes only, might be useful as an online disc. Therefore, my gallery's fate was sealed.

To be honest, I really honour all real artists - stock providers and their users. I don't think of my works you can find in my gallery as of works of art - of any value. Coming up with a concept and putting other people's stocks together doesn't make the outcome an art. But I enjoy what I do and hope it won't irritate anybody. Anyway, you were warned.

Above all, I would like to thank and congratulate all the people for sharing stock I used, use or will use. You are truly talented!

Best regards,


PS My rules can be found here. Don't ask me about the ridiculous war between my tag line and Stinky. I still lack an avatar. Stinky has only accidentally popped in and rejects any requests to move himself out.

EDIT: Our favourite magician DevPeter persuaded Stinky to move out! And look how wondrously my brand new avatar he gave me (I mean DevPeter, not Stinky) looks! Avatar by devPeter

Stinky made the deal: he resides within devID and my avatar is Stinky-free.
Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

I still think I got a bargain.

Just think ho gorgeous the new avatar is!!! Cats in love by DSSiege11

I'm not sure I should trust Stinky - it's Stinky after all - but I cannot resist the opportunity to wear this little miracle, at least for a time!

SR Fan Stamp by Keeper-Anakara
Evening here,

as being asked so nicely as some do is... well, so nice, here we go. Apparently having just one journal with things going on around DA is easier for many of you out there than using groups or something similar.

So, let's start with Heavensinyoureyes and the Christmas giveaway - it is a tradition now. The deadline is the 24th of December, that's Christmas Eve. Then, a bit longer, Linked-Memories has a monthly raffle ending on the 25th. Another very interesting event is run by Lithana-Stia - check it out here (the gallery is even better :D - beautiful animations, among other things). And to wrap things up, TheMaidenInBlack is running something for the competitive folks: "The Thanksgiving Note Project" - sounds intriguing if you ask me.

Thanks to all who expressed interest in the constructive rant project. I couldn't believe how much positive feedback it would garner. It somehow spun into a very intelligent and mindful discussion about how to include logic in your written work, so I am linking it up. Feel free to add your three pence.

Work-related rant (+ 2 free games to lure you in).Good morning.
Just to be fair, this journal is primarily ranting (and, uh, Enemy Mind for peanuts, just like Cult of the Wind, so that you are not too upset). You can leave now, I won't say anything.
See my point. It is needed, but incredibly bothersome: gathering as much information on what you write about as possible. In the current work's case, the House of Crows and Antiva in general (though not only). Google usually peppers relevant returns with texts written by other people, and that, outside the fandom of Thief which somehow keeps a certain level (in many cases rising much, much higher), is often painful. So, another (in)famous rant journal of mine.
To wrap what will follow nicely into a single sentence, I am sick of it all.
- I am sick of Zevran in other people's fiction talking full passages

Also, somewhat continuing that instance of being asked about a song for a romanced Morrigan (I suggested "Miss Independent"), I can give you more. "Tears" (somehow post-Blight, but before "Witch Hunt") and "You Ran Away (definitely during the DLC), both by the ever-amazing taffing band straight from Canada, that is PSYCHE :). Have fun. I am beginning to think I could make it a regular (sort of) feature. Opinions?

Best regards,
Arlesienne - your personal madman

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